“To show people the power of God by using our programs to connect people to God in a practical, personal, user-friendly manner.”


“To see the transformational power of God in the daily lives of people”


In direct response to the violence, despair, poverty & homelessness in our cities, we are committed to showing people how to use the principles of God to replace their choices that bring death, crime, addictions, illiteracy, etc., with better choices that bring life, employment, education, business opportunities, etc.!
RLIM offers 24 hour spiritual life support. We don’t close at 5 o’clock. We are in your life from the cradle to the grave or any time frame in between.
It’s an honest, direct, and straight to the “root of the problem” ministry. We are “hands on” via our "1-on-1" contact & we provide great attention to the smallest of details.
We tailor make our process to people’s specific needs because just like God, RLIM believes EVERYONE deserves another chance!

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Please partner with us by making a one-time donation or by making monthly donations. Both are tax deductible and will be greatly appreciated! You can either mail donations to P.O. Box 56081, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or you can donate online using PayPal via rlim.now@gmail.com.

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